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About Sushi Tei

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Sushi Tei is a traditional Japanese restaurant located in Albany, NY. We feature fresh, healthy Japanese food (eat in or take-out). Wine, sake and various imported beers are also available for your refreshment.

Sushi is a small piece of raw fish or shellfish on a bed of vinegared rice. This can be eaten as is, or is often dipped into soy sauce and then eaten. Sushi is based on the belief that nature cannot be improved, and is usually very simple.

Therefore, great care is put into the creation, arrangement and the many methods of preparing the food. The finished appearance is also very important because the natural beauty and taste must not be lost, but enhanced!

"Any sushi restaurant is only as good as the quality of its fish, and Sushi Tei represents well on that front." -- All Over Albany

What our Customers are Saying


Sarah S.

-Yelp Review-

My fiancé and I are sushi fanatics that live in Saratoga. We've tried most of the area sushi places from Lake George to Albany (there are still some left in the Albany area that we have not tried). Sushi Tei is BY FAR the best sushi we've had around this area. We go there pretty much once a week. 

If you are looking for roll suggestions: Scallop Dynamite, Pizza Roll, Passion Roll, Mexican Roll, Salmon Lover's Roll are all A++, but really I haven't had anything there I haven't liked. 


Michael D.

-Facebook Review-

Great place. The food is terrific. If you are looking for the "whole menu" of Asian cuisine, this is the place. Like Sushi? Of course they have that. Like Udon? Ramen (I mean authentic Ramen, not the cheap pack stuff in the grocery store)? Just looking for something OTHER than Sushi? This place is well worth a try.

My wife, who is much more of a food critic, loves this place.

In the capital district, this is one of the best places for Asian cuisine.


Alex S.

-Google Review-

Very rarely rate a place 5 stars, but this place absolutely deserves it. Delicious food, beautiful presentation, great service. My dinner was delivery and it was still amazing.

I gotta say, I have a new "best sushi I ever had."

Can't wait to eat in the actual restaurant.


Robert Z.

-Yelp Review-

Sushi Tei is one of my favorite sushi places. The fish is so fresh and it consistently tastes great.

We like to get the Sushi Tei platter for two. It comes with 20 pieces of sushi and the chef's special roll. It is a good value for $40 and comes with miso soup or salad.


Kevin W.

-Facebook Review-

Last night I had the pleasure of going to Sushi Tei to celebrate my birthday.

From the very beginning the staff was enjoyable; when I made my reservation I received a follow up call shortly before confirming our attendance, when I arrived I had no problems getting into the Tatami Room (which in itself was the best part!), my server Kristin was amazing and enjoyable to have...the staff itself was very enjoyable and more than willing to help one of my guests who injured her leg, and the food....

The food was amazing. I couldn't have been happier with the choice I picked to have my birthday dinner. I can't wait to come again, and I will again pick the tatami room!


A. E. Luna K.

-Google Review-

Delicious food, wonderful wait staff. They also have amazing mixed drinks, the sake cocktails are unexpected but great. The sweet potato rolls are warm and crispy and perfect.


Anthony C.

-Yelp Review-

One of the top sushi restaurants in the area when it comes to quality. There are many options for sushi in the region but few can offer the freshest fish.

Unlike some others, which can leave you feeling disgustingly heavy and full because of the preparation of sushi rice or freshness on fish, this place is the opposite.

Great taste, fresh, and they don't fill you up with sushi rice. Newly renovated, a hidden gem in the area.


Ruth M.

- Facebook Review -

The food is by far the best in the capital region. I also love the staff. I always feel like family when we arrive for lunch.


Joel M.

-Yelp Review-

This has been consistently the best Sushi experience in the Capital Region and there are many spots to choose from.

Here is the big surprise..... They have renovated and did an incredible job. The doubled their space!

Now they have a very cool bar with trendy martinis too. The best place is even better now. Toro, Uni the whole nine yards. Check it out soon.



-Google Review-

Best ramen I have ever tasted in US!