All Entress Served with Soup or Salad (Not Valid with Any Other Offer)

  • 52. Sushi Regular

    7pcs assorted sushi and 6pcs California roll or salmon roll.

  • 53. Sushi Deluxe

    10pcs assorted sushi and 6pcs salmon roll or tuna roll.

  • 54. Sashimi Regular

    15pcs assorted sashimi. 

  • 55. Sashimi Deluxe

    18pcs assorted sashimi. 

  • 56. Sushi and Sashimi Combo

    5pcs sushi, 14pcs assorted sashimi and 1 roll of 6pcs. 

  • 58. Chirashi

     Assorted sashimi over seasoned rice. 

  • 59. Sushi for Two

    20pcs of sushi and 26pcs of rolls. 

  • 60. Love Boat

    18pcs of sashimi and 10pcs of sushi with tuna roll and salmon roll. 

  • 61. Sushi Tei Platter

    20pcs assorted sushi of the day and a special roll.