Served with Soup or Salad

  • 83. Salmon Oyako Don

    Thinly sliced salmon, salmon roe over the seasoned rice. 

  • 83 H. Hamachi Don

    Tiny Sliced Yellow Tail Over the Seasoned Rice

  • 84. Tekka Don

    Thinly sliced tuna over the seasoned rice. 

  • 85. Oyako Donburi

    Cooked chicken and vegetables in special sauce with dropped eggs over rice.

  • 85C. Chicken Don

    Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce topped of rice.

  • 86. Unagi-Ju

    Broiled eel on topped of rice.    

  • 87. Katsu-Don

    Bread meat cutlet cook in special sauce and vegetable with dropped eggs on top.

  • 87B. Beef Donburi

    Cooked sliced beef and veg. over the steamed rice   

  • 87T. Tempura Donburi

     Shrimp and vegs. tempura on topped of rice in special sauce.

  • 87M. Salmon Katsu Don

  • 87P. Prawn Donburi

    Fried breadcrumbs coated prawn, cooked with onion and special sauce.

  • 87S. Spicy Beef Donburi

    Simmered beef & vegetable with spicy & over the steam rice

  • 87C. Chicken Katsu Don

    Breaded chicken cutlet cooked in special sauce and vegetables with dropped eggs and drizzled over rice. Served with soup or salad.


  • 88S. Sashimi Bowl (Poke Bowl)

    Mixed Greens, avocado, crabmeat, cucumber, seaweed salad, sweet corn, edamame, tamago egg, fish roe and sesame seeds served over Japanese sticky white rice