• 23. Sashimi App

    9 pieces of assorted sashimi

  • 24. Sushi App

    6 pieces of assorted sushi

  • 25. Tuna Tataki

    Seared tuna thinly sliced with ponzu sauce

  • 25t. Tuna Dumpling (New)

    2 pieces of tuna dumplings, snow crab, crunch, cucumber wrapped in paper thin tuna served with wasabi, olive oil and lemon juice.

  • 26. Uzutukuri

     Thinly sliced white fish with ponzu sauce

  • 27. Sunomono Moriawase

  • 28. Tako-Su

    Slices octopus with vinegar sauce

  • 29. Ebi-Su

    Cooked shrimp with vinegar sauce

  • 30. Kani-Su

    Crab with special sauce

  • 31. Tuna Yukke

     Prime tuna and scallion mixed with sesame oil

  • 31j. Jalapeno Age

    Crab meat stuffed jalapenos drizzled with spicy mayo and honey wasabi

  • 31y. Yellowtail Jalapeno

    Sliced yellowtail and shredded  jalapeno on the top with ponzu sauce

  • 31r. Red Rocks

    Fresh salmon mango, cucumber, and raw salmon wrapped with chef's special sauce