• 11. Shrimp Shumai (8pcs)

    Steamed shrimp dumpling served with dipping sauce.

  • 10. Edamame

    Steamed young soy bean

  • 11S. Sabo Shio Yaki

    Broiled seasoned fillet mackerel.

  • 12. Vegetable Gyoza (6pcs)

    Japanese style pan fry dumpling

  • 12. Pork Gyoza (6pcs)

    Japanese style pan fry pork dumpling.

  • 13. Fried Calamari

    Deep fried squid with dipping sauce.

  • 15. Yaki Tori (2 Kabobs)

    2 kabobs of Japanese style skewered grilled chicken. With noodle

  • 15K. Kaki Fry (4pcs) (Comes with Salad)

     Japanese style breaded oyster with homemade dipping sauce

  • 16. Beef Negima-Yaki

    Cooked sliced prime beef rolled with broiled scallion in our teriyaki sauce. With noodles

  • 17. Age-Dashi-Dofu

    Deep fried bean curd with sauce on the side.

  • 18. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

    Crispy fried shrimp and vegetables

  • 18T. Vegetable Tempura

    Crispy fried vegetables

  • 19. Chicken Tempura

    4 pieces crispy fried chicken with tempura sauce on the side

  • 19K. Pork Kami Katsu

    Breaded meat cutlet. Comes with homemade sauce

  • 19K. Chicken Kami Katsu

    Breaded meat cutlet. Comes with homemade sauce

  • 20. Grilled Shrimp Yaki

    Grilled shrimp in chef's special sauce.

  • 21. Ika Maruyaki

    Grilled whole squid with teriyaki sauce.

  • 22. Rock Shrimp

  • 32. Soft Shell Crab Kara Age

    Fried jumbo soft shell crab paired with ponzu sauce.

  • 31K. Japanese Tako Yaki

    5pcs of baked wheat balls with real octopus, sweet sour sauce and shaved bonita

  • 31C. Chicken Kara Age

    Marinated fried chicken.

  • 33. Jalapeños Age

    Crab meat stuffed jalapeños with spicy mayo and honey wasabi