Roll & Hand Roll

  • R1. Salmon Scallion or Yellow Tail Scallion Roll (Raw)

  • R2. Smoked Salmon Roll (Raw)

  • R3. Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll) (Raw)

  • R3W. White Tuna Roll (Raw)

  • R4. Salmon Avocado Roll (Raw)

  • R5. Tuna Avocado Roll (Raw)

  • R6. White Tuna Avocado Roll (Raw)

  • R7. Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll (Raw)

  • R8. Spicy Scallop Crunch Roll (Raw)

  • R9. Spicy Tuna or Spicy Yellowtail Crunch Roll (Raw)

  • R10. Negitoro (Prime Tuna Scallion Roll) (Raw)

  • R11. Spicy White Tuna Crunch Roll (Raw)

  • R12. Mackerel and Ginger Roll (Raw)

  • R14. Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll (Raw)

  • R15. Spicy Yellowtail Crunch (Raw)

  • R16. Spicy Scallop Crunch (Raw)

  • R14. Crab Roll (Cooked)

  • R12. Salmon Skin Roll (Cooked)

  • R13. California Roll (Cooked)

  • R15. Spicy Crab Crunch (Cooked)

  • R16. Alaskan Roll (Cooked)

    Smoked salmon and avocado.

  • R17. Boston Roll (Cooked)

    Shrimp, lettuce and Japanese mayo.

  • R19. Futo Maki (4pcs) (Cooked)

  • R21. Eel and Cucumber Roll (Cooked)

  • R21E. Eel Avocado Roll (Cooked)

  • R19. Shrimp Tempura Roll (Cooked)

  • R21c. Chicken Tempura Roll (Cooked)

  • R23. Philadelphia Roll (Cooked)

    S. salmon, cucumber, cream cheese.

  • R24. Calamari Roll (Cooked)

    Fried calamari, avocado with spicy sauce.

  • R20. Lobster & Avocado Roll (Cooked)

  • R22.Sweet Potato (Cooked)

  • Avocado Roll (Cooked)

  • R26. Oshinko Maki (Pickle Roll) (Vegetable)

  • R27. Cucumber and Avocado Roll (Vegetable)

  • R28. Natomaki (Fermented Soy Bean) (Vegetable)

  • R29. Avocado or Cucumber Roll (Sweet Potato Roll) (Vegetable)

  • R30. Sweet Potato Roll or Vegetable Roll (Vegetable)

  • R31. Avocado and Mango Roll (Vegetable)

  • R32. Avocado Peanuts (Vegetable)

  • R33. Avocado, Cucumber and Mango Roll (Vegetable)

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