Dinner Bento Box 19.50

All Boxes Served with Crab Salad, Soup, Fruit, Choice Rice or Hibachi Noodle, and Pick Up a Roll From Dinner Roll Combo Section

  • D1. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

  • D2. Vegetable Tempura

  • D3. Chicken and Vegetable Tempura

  • D4. Salmon Teriyaki

  • D5. Chicken Teriyaki

  • D6. Negima Yaki

  • D7. Hibachi Steak

  • D8. Beef Teriyaki

  • D9. Ton Katsu (Pork)

  • D10. Chicken Katsu

  • D11. Beef Suki Yaki

  • D12. Beef Kimchi

  • D13. Grilled Shrimp

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